Logic Level Converter I2C Bi-Directional 5V to 3V

Logic Level Converter I2C Bi-Directional 5V to 3V

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Преобразователь логики 5V <=> 3V

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Product Features:
  • Comes with 3.3V voltage, with power indicator Power input with anti-reverse protection, and can not provide more than 150mA of current.
  • To achieve direct serial 5V and 3.3V level communication.
  • The maximum stable communication baud rate 28800bps.
  • Can achieve UART, IIC, 1-wire, SPI and other bus signals 3V-5V level of the two-way conversion.
  • dimension - 16x16mm
  • AVCC 5V system power supply 
  • ASCL 5V system SCL
  • ASDA connected 5V system SDA 
  • AGND then 5V system GND
  • BVCC then 3V system power supply 
  • BSCL then 3V system SCL
  • BSDA connected 3V system SDA 
  • BGND then 3V system GND
  • If the high-pressure area and the low-voltage area of the power has been a total of this module G only need to take a ground.
  • the conversion module is equivalent to a straight line, each port is one to one correspondence, but the voltage side 2 is not the same,
  • Thus realizing the communication between the different levels.
  • the module can not be used as a regulator or transformer function can only be used for IO port
  • Level between the small current communication.
  • this module pin-pin no welding, but there are matching.

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Logic Level Converter I2C Bi-Directional 5V to 3V

Logic Level Converter I2C Bi-Directional 5V to 3V

Преобразователь логики 5V <=> 3V

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