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Wireless sound transmission module

Wireless sound transmission module

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The sound transmitter (Infrared)

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ICSK054A Precise DIY Kit Infrared Wireless Module Wireless Sound Transmission Module

Using the basic principles of the Red rumor sound kit is the sound caused by infrared (laser) vibration, and then hit the infrared vibration signal is received at the receiver circuit infrared receiver diode, and the signal is demodulated to achieve sound reduction. Transmission distance can reach one meter can be used to make short-range wireless speakers.

1. Electrical characteristics

Infrared transmitter

  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • PCB size: 19 * 25mm

Infrared receiving end

  • Operating voltage: 4 ~ 12V
  • Driver Speaker: 0.5W-10W Speaker 1
  • PCB size: 17 * 39mm

2. Circuit theory
The transmitting end: the headset port, the audio signal input through the transistor Fat S8050, an infrared transmitter to drive the tube, and the audio signal is transmitted in the form of infrared.

The receiving end: the infrared receiving tube for receiving the infrared signal transmitter, converted into an audio signal through the LM386 audio amplifier chip, and the audio output signal can be amplified

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Wireless sound transmission module

Wireless sound transmission module

The sound transmitter (Infrared)

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