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4 Bits Electronic Clock - DIY Kit

4 Bits Electronic Clock - DIY Kit

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Designer-electronic clock

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4 in this set of microcomputer programs have been written, do not provide source code or programs.
Four-digit electronic clock suite based on IC Chips
Power supply voltage: 3V-5V recommendation: 5V walk more accurate
PCB size: 52mm long * 42mm wide
Function: 1. Second correction (for accurate time correction)
2. It can be switched to the one-second independent display interface
3. Full time (8-20 full time: 3 seconds, which can be closed)
4. Two-way alarm setting (can turn off the alarm function)
Kit features: A. Red digital tube for 0.56 inch clock is adopted for display;
B. Imported AT89C2051 as the main control chip;
C.1.2mm thick PCB is made of fr-4 board of military grade;
D. as accurate, as the error range for every 24 hours - 1 ~ + 1 seconds. Digital four digital electronic clock single chip digital clock four digital clock DIY electronics suite bulk, c51 digital clock electronic clock four digital clock

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4 Bits Electronic Clock - DIY Kit

4 Bits Electronic Clock - DIY Kit

Designer-electronic clock

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