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ESP8266 5V WiFi Relay Module (no with ESP8266)

ESP8266 5V WiFi Relay Module (no with ESP8266)

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Relay module with control interface ESP8266 (ESP-01)

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ESP8266 module has a timeout mechanism, when the phone for some time (the default 180S) did not give instructions to the module, the module will kick off the phone, the computer can send AT + CIPSTO = to modify this time (Time range 0-7200), such as: AT + CIPSTO = 3600.

When the module on the WIFI module is unplugged, USB to TTL module RX, TX, GND pins were connected to the module RX, TX, GND pin, IN +, IN- 5V power supply, then the module can be used as a USB Relays to use, scalability.

Mobile phone equipped with WiFi module;

Mobile phone and WiFI module equipped with the same router, through the mobile phone APP to control the relay; this mode, the transmission distance depends on the signal router.

  • Product size: 45 * 28mm
  • Operating voltage: DC5V
  • Communication: WIFI (ESP8266 module)
  • Serial communication parameters: 9600,8,1,0,0
  • Transmission distance: the maximum transmission distance of 400m (open environment, mobile phone equipped with WIFI module)
  • Load: 10A/250VAC 10A/30VDC, the relay pull 100,000 times

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ESP8266 5V WiFi Relay Module (no with ESP8266)

ESP8266 5V WiFi Relay Module (no with ESP8266)

Relay module with control interface ESP8266 (ESP-01)

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