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TLP281 4-Channel Optoisolator

TLP281 4-Channel Optoisolator

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4 channel optoisolator

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This board is helpful for connecting digital systems (like a 5V microcontroller) to a high-voltage or noisy system. This board electrically isolates a controller from the high-power system by use of an opto-isolator IC.
  • This IC has four LEDs and four photodiodes built-in.
  • This allows the low-voltage side to control a high voltage side
  • We often use this board to allow a microcontroller control servos
  • or other motors that use a higher voltage than the TTL logic on the (3.3V or 5V) micro,
  • and may cause electromagnetic interferance with our system as the motors turn on and off.
  • This board will isolate the systems, creating a type of electrical noise barrier between devices
  • This breakout board uses the TLP281 optoisolator and discrete transistors to correct the logic.
  • Comes with four channels.
  • Great for use in noisy circuits where signal lines require electrical isolation
  • A normal LED opto-isolator will invert the logic of a signal.
  • We threw some transistors on this compact board to correct the inversion.
  • What you put into the IN pins, will be replicated on the the OUT pins, but at the higher voltage (HV)
  • Use of low level control high level.
  • Such as the use of single chip microcomputer 3V or 5V voltage 9V or 12V voltage control
  • HVCC maximum not more than 24V.
  • Outlet OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4 output current is equal to the largest HVCC / 5.1K, maximum absorption current 500mA
  • Input: IN1 / IN2 / IN3 / IN4, SCM or for Ard uino IO port,
  • GND with single-chip microcomputer or for Ard uino board GND connection.
  • IN1 / IN2 / IN3 / IN4 respectively control the OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4
  • Output: OUT1 / OUT2 / OUT3 / OUT4
  • Output: HVCC: Connection is control of high voltage anode,
  • HGND connection is control of high voltage anode
  • PCB Size: 25*24mm/0.98*0.94
Use examples
The following example shows how to use the microcontroller's IO port to control the 24V motor rotation. The motor operating voltage in the figure is 24V, the red "+" indicates the positive power of the motor, and the black "-" indicates the negative power supply of the motor. When the microcontroller IO_0 output high, the motor rotation, when the IO_0 port output low when the motor stops rotating.

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TLP281 4-Channel Optoisolator

TLP281 4-Channel Optoisolator

4 channel optoisolator

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