Passive buzzer (beeper)

Passive buzzer (beeper)

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Passive buzzer module

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Passive buzzer is characterized by:

1 passive internal without a shock source, so if the DC signal can not make it call. You must use 2K ~ 5K square wave to drive it.
2 sound frequency control, you can make "1234567"tone ef fect.
3 In some special cases, and LED reuse a control port.

1. Bring oscillation source
2. S8550 drive;
3. Work  Voltage: 3.3-5V
4. Set bolt hole, easy to assemble
5. PCB Dimension: 3.3cm*1.3cm

Pin Definition
1. VCC: 3.3-5V
2. GND: Ground
3. I/O: I/O Interface of SCM

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Passive buzzer (beeper)

Passive buzzer (beeper)

Passive buzzer module

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