E18-D80NK new head with DuPont
E18-D80NK new head with DuPont
E18-D80NK new head with DuPont
E18-D80NK new head with DuPont
E18-D80NK new head with DuPont
E18-D80NK new head with DuPont

E18-D80NK new head with DuPont

Датчик приближения - NPN, 17 mm, 3 wire, 3-80CM

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This is a set of transmitter and receiver in one of the photoelectric sensors. 1 detection distance can be adjusted according to the requirements . The sensor has a detection distance , by small visible light interference , cheap, easy to assemble , easy to use features , can be widely used in robot obstacle avoidance, line piecework and many other occasions.

Electrical Characteristics :

  • U: 5VDC
  • I: 100mA
  • Sn: 3-80CM
  • Size :
    • Diameter : 17MM
    • Sensor length : 75MM
    • Lead Length : 45CM

Photoelectric sensors ( photoelectric switch ) NPN normally open

Photoelectric switch E18 technical parameters :

  • The output current DC / SCR / Relay Control output: 100mA / 5V power supply
  • Current consumption DC u003c25mA
  • Response time u003c2ms
  • Point angle : ≤15 °, effective distance 3-80CM adjustable
  • The detection object : opaque
  • The working environment temperature : -25 ° ~ + 55 °
  • The standard sensing object : sunlight 10000LX less incandescent 3000LX the following
  • Case Material : Plastic

Sensors answer frequently asked questions about :
1 , Q: This is a digital sensor or analog sensors
A: This NPN type photoelectric switch. Output Group Aung station is 0,1 , namely a digital circuit high and low

2, Q: What is the level of output is detected the target object ?
A: The goal is to detect low-level output , the normal state is high output

3 , Q: Can the microcontroller IO port received ?
A: The output of an external pull-up resistor can be connected to the IO port

4 , Q: How much pull-up resistor ?
A: pull-up resistor is generally about 1K

5, Q : Where can I download the manual ? Or manual too simple
A: This is a photoelectric switch, three lines , power, ground and output , not too complicated introduce digital output , does not require AD conversion can be directly connected to the microcontroller IO port on the rear of the adjustable potentiometer to adjust the distance ( 3 -80CM valid )

2 шт.
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