Warranty subject goods that are installed warranty (6 months to 2 years) from the date of sale. Warranty service involves removal of faults arising during the warranty period, subject to the buyer the right of exploitation and transportation of goods.

The warranty does not apply to troubleshooting encountered in mind:

  • improper or inappropriate use of equipment (or handling) by the client or third parties. For example: getting inside the equipment to moisture or foreign objects, dirt, mechanical damage to equipment or parts thereof, the use of defective media, cables, connectors, etc. Improper actions are considered primarily improper instructions in the instruction manual or other documentation for the products;
  • force majeure (fire, lightning, flood, war, etc.) and external impacts of extreme character (excess voltage, magnetic field, etc.);

Disclaimer of Warranty

  • Warranty on batteries, headphones and other accessories are 3 months from the date of sale.

Warranty does not cover:

  • minor defects or deviations from the specifications without affecting the cost and functionality of the product;
  • provision and installation of more modern versions of BIOS, drivers, or software, if it is not associated with the correction of incorrect operation of the device;
  • resetting protective functions, erase passwords, etc.
  • maintain or restore specific data or client software;
  • reinstallation of failed programs / operating system (eg, due to deletion of important system files, wrong system settings or viruses);
  • ensuring the smooth operation of an integrated set or supplied with the software product;
  • signs of wear media, LCD monitors (background glow afterimage burnup screen);
  • components and parts that have a limited life (consumables);
  • decrease in battery capacity.

Product warranty or guarantee confirms payment documents confirming the purchase of the goods in our store.
If a warranty case goods will be either repaired or replaced with new or similar goods. Term repair or exchange can be up to 30 calendar days.

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