Delivery & Returns

Delivery options:

  1. delivery in Riga;
  2. delivery by the postal service in Latvia;


Delivery is carried out daily. Time of delivery is talked aboutindividually.
Shipping cost - 5 EUR.
Order Lifting the apartment or office free of charge. 

DELIVERY postal service in Latvia

Delivery time takes 2-4 business days
Shipping cost: 3,00 EUR (With the proviso that the total weight of goods for at least 2 kg)
Shipping cost (curier): 5,00 EUR (With the proviso that the total weight of goods for at least 2 kg)


The client has the right to return the purchased from the online store items within 14 days after purchase. When returning the goods must be completely corrected, not to have external and internal damage himself and his pack. Should be available all the protective films and tapes, as well as have a place full grade. In addition, the bundled CD-ROM with the software should not be opened.
Must also be present:
  • payment documents confirming the purchase in our store;
  • completed form for refusal in the free form. In the form of refusal must specify: name and surname of the consumer, purchase date, payment type, payment method, the name and model of the item, as well as the amount of the purchase and the reason for return.
Please be informed that if a customer buys the goods at our office online store (continuously recorded on the trading venue), then he can not exercise the right of rejection of the goods as buying the goods at our office client has the right and the opportunity to get acquainted with the product before making a purchase. Purchases made in the office of our store is not remote contract, and is purchase made at a fixed place of trade retail store.
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