MX1508 2-channel DC motor driving
MX1508 2-channel DC motor driving
MX1508 2-channel DC motor driving
MX1508 2-channel DC motor driving
MX1508 2-channel DC motor driving
MX1508 2-channel DC motor driving

MX1508 2-channel DC motor driving

2-channel DC motor driving module



2-channel DC motor driving module Positive inversion PWM speed mini motor dual h-bridge stepper motor driver

Products introduction: motor drive module very for in battery power of intelligent car, and toy car, and robot, above using, power voltage 2V~10V, can while drive two a DC motor or one 4 line 2 phase type step into motor, can achieved pros and cons turned and adjustable speed of function, each road current can to 1.5A continued current, peak current can up 2.5A, has hot protection and can automatically recovery.

Product highlights:

  • The imported professional motor drive chip, low built-in guide through the internal resistance of the MOS switch tube, heating minimal, no need for heat sinks, small volume, electricity saving, and is an ideal choice for your battery powered.
  • (L298N internal switching transistors, low efficiency, high fever, heat, heavy volume, market L298N is easy to burn out, without the use of the original chips, this product can.
  • Dual 1.5A*2, peak current can be to 2.5A, built in overheating protection circuit, do not afraid of blocking the motor burned out, the temperature drops automatic recovery. (current smart car voltage and current in the market are in this range)
  • small size, light weight, 0 standby current, is the ideal choice for your model car.
Product parameters:
  • double way H bridge motor drive, can drive both DC motor or 4 1 wire two phase stepper motor;
  • module power supply voltage 2V-10V;
  • signal terminal
  • input voltage 1.8-7V;
  • single channel current of 1.5A, peak current up to 2.5A, low standby current (less than 0.1uA);
  • built-in common conduction circuit, the input end is suspended, the motor will not malfunction;
  • Overheat protection circuit with 7 built-in hysteresis effect (TSD), there is no need to worry about motor stall;
  • Product size: 8 24.7*21*5mm (LxWxH), ultra small size, suitable for assembly and vehicle;
  • mounting hole diameter: 2 mm.
  • weight: 5g
Matters needing attention:
  • the positive electrode and the negative electrode will cause the circuit damage.
  • The output to ground short circuit and the output end of the short circuit, and motor block of chip will thermal protection, but in close to or more than 10V voltage and peak current greatly exceed 2.5A will cause chip burned.
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