S9015 transistor (PNP)

S9015 transistor (PNP)

Bipolar transistor (Hfe=60-1000; Pc=0.45W; Ic=0.1A)

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Bipolar transistor
Power (Pcm):
0.45 W
Collector current (Icm):
0.1 A
Collector-base voltage (V(BR)cbo):
50 V
Collector-emitter voltage (V(BR)ceo):
45 V
Base-emitter voltage (V(BR)ebo):
5 V
Collector cut-off current (Icbo):
0.05 microA
Emitter cut-off current (Icbo):
0.05 microA
Voltage base-emitter saturation:
1 V
Voltage collector-emitter saturation:
0.3 V
DC current gain:
100 Mhz
9 Items
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