MQ-6 Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Gas Sensor
MQ-6 Gas Sensor

MQ-6 Gas Sensor

Gas Sensor Module Liquefied Propane Iso-butane Butane Combustible Gas Detection Sensor 

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  • Sensori: MQ-6
  • Atklātie gāze: Sašķidrinātā naftas gāze (LPG), izobutāns, butāns
  • Jutība Range: 300-10000 ppm
  • Rs (pretestības sensors): 1 ... 20 k 2000ppm C3H8
  • Gāze, kas standartizēts sensors: izobutāns, 1000ppm
  • Reakcijas laiks: ≤ 10s
  • Jutība: (R gaiss) / (R klātbūtnē raksturlieluma gāzi) ≥ 5c
  • Rh (pretestība sildītājs): 31Ω ± 3Ω
  • Ih (sildītājs strāva): ≤180mA
  • VH (sildītājs spriegums): 5V ± 0,2V
  • Ph (siltuma jauda): ≤900mVt
  • VC (sprieguma ķēdēm): ≤24V
  • Standarta ekspluatācijas apstākļi: temperatūra: -10 ~ + 50 ° C, mitrums: ≤95% RH, skābekļa koncentrācija 21% (normālos apstākļos)
  • Uzglabāšanas nosacījumi: Temperatūra: -20 ~ + 70 ° C, mitrums: ≤70% RH

MQ-6 Gas Sensor Methane Detector Module 

Product Details:

  • Size: 32mm X 22mm X17mm 
  • The main chip: LM393, MQ-6 gas sensors
  • Operating voltage: DC 5 V


  • Has a signal output indication.
  • Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output)
  • TTL output valid signal is low. (Low-level signal when the output light can be directly connected to the microcontroller)
  • 0 ~ 5V analog output voltage, the higher the concentration the higher the voltage.
  • For LPG, butane, propane has a good sensitivity.
  • Having a long life and reliable stability
  • Quick response and resume

Suitable for LPG, butane, propane, LNG detection device on a home or industrial. Excellent resistance to ethanol vapor, smoke interference.

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