4 Bits Electronic Clock DIY C51
4 Bits Electronic Clock DIY C51
4 Bits Electronic Clock DIY C51
4 Bits Electronic Clock DIY C51
4 Bits Electronic Clock DIY C51
4 Bits Electronic Clock DIY C51

4 Bits Electronic Clock DIY C51

Designer - digital clock



1. Normal walking, midnight show. 
2. Sub independently adjustable;
3. Time seconds correction function.
4. You can fine-tune the clock speed of travel time, speed adjustable 0--9 default in 5th gear.
5. The two-way alarm, and independently set the alarm off.
6. The whole point of the prompts, and you can turn off the whole point of open prompts.
7. The interface is equipped with a battery that can power down when walking. Battery can be guaranteed only when power is greater than 3V go. Uses two AA batteries, three AA batteries, or cell phone batteries can be.
8. The countdown function can be achieved within 99 minutes countdown, countdown to the end of the alarm.
9. stopwatch function, stopwatch function can be achieved, may suspend stopwatch, stopwatch cleared.
10. Counter function can be achieved, can record keystrokes. You can also record the number of external pulses.

Kit Features:

  • Indicated clock using 0.44-inch red LED for display;.
  • Imported AT89C2051 as the main chip;
  • 1.6mm thick PCB FR-4 by military-grade sheet steel, Taobao most Plate
  • Components small, simple installation, high success rate, not the debugger
  • Accurate travel time, travel time error margin of error of about 3 seconds month.

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