Round Lucky Rotary Suite 
Round Lucky Rotary Suite 
Round Lucky Rotary Suite 
Round Lucky Rotary Suite 
Round Lucky Rotary Suite 
Round Lucky Rotary Suite 

Round Lucky Rotary Suite 

"Wheel of fortune" led - designer

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Parts Inventory
  • PCB board *1
  • KF301-2P *1
  • 6 * 6 * 10 button *1
  • 1UF capacitor 50V *1
  • 47UF25V capacitance *1
  • 5MM LED red *10
  • 1N4007 *1
  • 470K resistor* 2
  • 10K resistor *1
  • 9014 Transistor* 1
  • 8-pin IC holder *1
  • 16-pin IC holder * 1
  • NE555*1
  • CD4017*1
Supply voltage:    3.5-6.0V
Dimensions:         48 * 48MM
work process:
         This products is a tool that can predict the position when the wheel is stopped. It can be also  used as Estimated number in games, electronic dice, lottery machines.
          Electronic Wheel of Fortune is electronically achieve the same function, this kit the 10 LED arranged in a circle, when the key is pressed, the order of rotation of each LED light, when the rate began to flow             quickly, it seems all of the LED like all flash together, the flow speed will become slower and finally stopped in a move not only on the LED.
          Finally, if the LED lights up and the players predicted the same,Represents "winning" 
  • After the key is released, due to the presence of the capacitor C2, Q1 is not immediately turned off, the voltage across C2 with the decline, Q1 conduction program gradually weakened, the output pulse frequency of 3 feet slow, LED movement frequency also will slow.
  • NE555 by the pulse generator and external components multivibrator, when you press the button S1 when Q1 is 3 feet NE555 pulse output, the output of CD4017 10 turns output high drive 10 LED turn light.
  • Finally, when the C2 discharge end. Q1 is turned off, NE555 3 feet longer output pulse, LED stop moving. A "lottery" process so complete.
  • R2 decisions LED moving speed, C2 decided to wait for the "lottery" time.
2 Items
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