TP4056 SOP-8
TP4056 SOP-8
TP4056 SOP-8
TP4056 SOP-8
TP4056 SOP-8
TP4056 SOP-8

TP4056 SOP-8

TP4056 4056 SOP8 IC 4.2V 1A lithium battery charging current

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Li-Ion battery charge controller TP4056 (TC4056A) is used in autonomous linear chargers for lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries, with an adjustable charge current up to 1 A with thermal protection in an SOP 8 case. Maximum charge current - 1A, charge voltage - 4.2V, there is an input for connecting a battery overheating sensor.

TP4056 is a complete linear charger for one cell of lithium-ion battery. Its SOP structure and few external components make the TP4056 ideal for portable devices. In addition, TP4056 can work in USB adapters.

The charge current in the circuit is set to 1000 mA and can be adjusted by selecting the current-supplying resistor R4, R8 according to the following table:

Current-setting resistor R4, R8 (kOhm) Charge current (mA)
thirty 50
twenty 70
ten 130
5 250
4 300
3 400
2 580
1.66 690
1.5 780
1.33 900
1.2 1000


Name : TP4056;

Case : SOP-8;

Mounting type : SMD;

Description : Linear DC / DC charger for single cell lithium-ion batteries;

Battery type : Li-Ion;

Supply voltage (input voltage) (min) : 4 V;

Supply voltage (input voltage) (max) : 8 V;

Output voltage (max) : 4.2;

Maximum output current (charge) (max) : 1 A;

Number of battery cells (Number of cells) : 1;

Minimum operating temperature (tmin) : -40 ° C;

Maximum operating temperature (tmax) : 85 ° C.

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