XM-10B BLE Bluetooth 4.0
XM-10B BLE Bluetooth 4.0
XM-10B BLE Bluetooth 4.0
XM-10B BLE Bluetooth 4.0

XM-10B BLE Bluetooth Smart

Module of off-wire connection of Bluetooth

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1. used for CC2540 Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth Smart
2. the default parameters: baud rate is 9600, code is 000000, pairing operation mode from a machine
3. module size: 35.5mm x 15.5 mm x 4.0mm (not including the pin)
4. working current: the standby 8.5Ma communication: 9mA no dormancy
5. Compatible iBeacons iPhone Android Arduino

From the machine, the baud rate: 9600, N, 8, 1. Pairing password: 1234; if need to place an order when the host mode, please specify

Bluetooth module <===> MCU
CE/CLR <===> MCU-GPIO not connect (module power switch, high - open, low - close, built-in pull-up resistor, can be suspended)
VCC <===> external power supply (3.0~6V)
GND <===> GND connected with the MCU GND
TXD <===> MCU-RX MCU UART data receiving pin
RXD <===> MCU-TX single-chip UART data transmitting feet (compatible with 3/3.3/5V)
STATE <===> MCU-GPIO can not meet (for judging module running state, with the same LED display)

XM-10B module running (STATE) state
1 The jump: module in the search or waiting to be connected state
2 The fixed height (LED Chang Liang): connection has been established and the matching module
3 The fixed low (LED off): shutdown

Module of off-wire connection of Bluetooth
35.5mm x 15.5 mm x 4.0mm (not including the pin)
Communication modes:
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