XM-15B SPP Bluetooth Module 4.0
XM-15B SPP Bluetooth Module 4.0
XM-15B SPP Bluetooth Module 4.0
XM-15B SPP Bluetooth Module 4.0
XM-15B SPP Bluetooth Module 4.0
XM-15B SPP Bluetooth Module 4.0

XM-15B SPP Bluetooth Module


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XM-15B Bluetooth Serial Port Module Master Slave all in one, compatible with Arduino/HC-05/06 and Anti-reverse 3.3 / 5V

XM-15B Bluetooth module (hereinafter referred to as module) meet Bluetooth SPP specification, compliant with the Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR standard, has two operating modes: command mode and data mode. Under data mode, divided into Master,Slave and loopback three operating roles. When the module is in command mode can perform all of the following AT commands, the user can send a variety of AT commands to the module, set parameters or send control commands. When the module is not connected to any device (blue light flash) in command mode, it is ready to receive AT commands.  in command mode, the module can be connected or connect to other Bluetooth devices actively based on settings role. After the module is connected with other Bluetooth devices (blue indicator light), automatically enter data mode.

XM-15B core module is XM-05, base board built in power management chip with 5V and 3.3V TTL signal conversion circuitry, compatible with 3 / 3.3 / 5V several different  voltage signal, the module TXD output pin high level is VCC-0.3V

Module XM-15B Features:  

1. Using compatible with CSR mainstream Bluetooth chip, Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR protocol standard, pass Bluetooth BQB certification.

2. Quick Start, only 0.3 seconds to complete the entire module (including Bluetooth protocol stack) initialization.

3. Built-in hardware watchdog, never crash.

4. Better compatibility, compatible with the stack Windows comes, IVT, Widcomm (Broadcom), android systems, compatible with almost android phones in the markets..

5. Built-in RC reset circuit, POR, Brown-Out, LVR power supply voltage monitoring circuit, the reset is stable and reliable, no external reset circuitry.

6. Built-in power anti-reverse protection circuit.

7. Built-in power management chip, power supply voltage range: 3.0V ~ 6V.

8. Built-in TTL signal level converting circuit, compatible with 3 / 3.3 / 5V signal, TXD high output voltage VCC.

9. Default parameters: 9600 baud, pairing code 1234, the mode slave.

10. Module size: 37.5mm x 15.5 mm x 4.0mm (excluding pins).

11. Current: pairing: 4 ~ 12mA pairing has not been completed communication: 4 ~ 12Ma Communication: 12mA no sleep.

12. Maximum transmit power: + 10db (higher than the general CSR Bluetooth module)

13. Communication distance: open conditions under 30M (farthest reach of 60 meters, but is not guaranteed), the normal environment is around 15M.

14. Applications: GPS navigation system, utility meter reading systems, industrial control systems mining site. Able to connect with mobile phones, bluetooth laptop, computer with bluetooth adapter, PDA devices seamlessly

Steps to set module to Master

1. Under command mode, make sure blue indicator flashing all the time

2. Use serial communication tool(such as our company CommPro), set correct serial parameter(Default baud rate 9600, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control)

3. Serial port send characters "AT + ROW = 1 r n", successful return "OK r n",  and   r n is carriage return (it is ASCII’s  0x0D, 0x0A)

4. Serial port send characters ““AT+CLASS=000000rn”, successful return “OKrn” (This step accordingly to device to be connected slave category code optional use)

5. Re-power, module is master, automatically search slave module to establish connection

Module of off-wire connection of Bluetooth
Communication modes:
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