LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A
LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A
LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A
LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A
LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A
LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A

LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A

Voltage Converter (step-down)

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LM2596S DC-DC 3.6-46V 3A adjustable step-down power Supply module With reverse connection protection 5V voltage regulator

LM2596S upgrade!Increase the input with reverse connection protection, plus or minus the reverse would not burn module, strengthen the quality of the inductance, increase the service life of the product!


  • Module property:Non-isolation buck
  • Rectification mode:Non-synchronous rectifier
  • Input voltage:3.6V-46V
  • Output voltage:1.25V-35V
  • Output current:Rated current is 3A,
  • Conversion efficiency:92%( highest )
  • Switching frequency:65KHz
  • Output ripple:30mV( maximum )
  • Load regulation:±0.5%
  • Voltage regulation:± 2.5%
  • Work temperature:-Minus 40 degrees - 85 degrees
  • Dimension:43mm*21mm*14mm(L*W*G)


Using the tutorial:
1. Plugged into a power supply (3-40 v), the power indicator light is lit, the module to work properly.
2. Adjust the blue potentiometer knob (generally booster clockwise, counterclockwise step-down) with a multimeter monitoring the output voltage to the voltage.

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